Thanks to the quality of its environment, our gîte has been labelled « Gîte Panda », by WWF, the first world-wide organisation for the protection of nature.

Here, you will have many opportunities to observe wildlife and vegetation.
Forty-nine bird-species have been registered and roe deers and hinds can often be seen.

On occasions, it’s possible to observe foxes and badgers.
In an adjoining valley, chamois and if you are lucky, some feline tracks : a lynx hunting in the area.


Something for everyone’s enjoyment :

  • follow the « wine trail » and visit the picturesque Alsatian villages
  • hike in the mountain (from the gîte)
  • visit « le musée du Pays Welches » or « le musée de la Forges » in Fréland
  • visit a silver mine in Ste Marie aux Mines
  • discover the nature reserve of Le Gazon Du Faing, on the summits (« la route des crêtes »)
  • spend an afternoon watching and talking with a cow-breeder
  • or a beekeeper before a copious « goûter » (snack) on the farm
  • visit the famous castle of Haut- Koenigsbourg
  • spend a day at the Eco-musée
  • stroke Myrtille the she-ass and Silène, her Daughter
  • go swimming in Kaysersberg (swimming-pool at 8 km)
  • play golf in Ammerschwir (16 km)
  • go fishing for trout in Fréland
  • have a little chat with Mamyvonne on the way to the neighbouring farm to get cheese or milk.
  • visit famous cities and their museums : Colmar, Sélestat, Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Bâle( Switzerland) and Fribourg (Germany)
  • without forgetting the well-known « marchés de Noël » – Christmas markets
  • ski ( slopes at 15 km) and snowshoes (« raquettes ») in winter

Don’t hesitate to contact the tourist office

Two pairs of binoculars and plenty of books on nature and history…

On the trail of Zébulon, the drone (the faux-bourdon)

Zébulon, a male bee, has lost his daddy.
He goes and looks for his daddy.
At the end of this long journey, he is going to find something terrible…

A marked out course from the gîte will enable parents and children to go for a very nice walk, and collecting clues to understand what Zébulon has found out.